We are so glad that you are inquiring about orthodontic services. If you are visiting our website to learn more about the art of orthodontics we want to make sure you know our approach and treatment philosophy.

We view orthodontics as an art. Each smile is unique and requires personal attention as well as a personal treatment approach. We want you to have the beautiful smile that you have dreamed of as well as achieving a functional and healthy alignment of all your teeth. Proper alignment of your bite will increase the longevity of your teeth by decreasing improper wear and tear. Proper alignment can also prevent headaches and jaw pain later in life.

Our consultations for orthodontic services are offered at no charge. At this appointment you can expect to have a set of pictures taken of the inside of your mouth (intraoral) and of your facial profile (extraoral). We will also take digital x-ray images so we can see your jaw and tooth structures that are below the gum line. We will give you a treatment recommendation if needed as well as a clear explanation of any fees associated with that treatment. We will also verify and present what insurance benefit can be applied toward that treatment. You will leave this initial 60 minute appointment with all of your treatment and financial questions answered.

We achieve these beautiful smiles and proper alignment in many ways.

  1. We are a team that is treatment focused because each orthodontic assistant has many years of experience in orthodontics. They know what to expect from each visit and can prepare you for what will come next. The ability to anticipate the result of each bracket placement and bend of the wire helps us treat you more efficiently because there are no surprises. Experience counts.
  2. We offer the latest in technology from our digital x-rays to state of the art bracket systems and invisalign. The greatest thing about the technologic advances of the last few years is that they are making pediatric orthodontics more comfortable, more attractive, in less time.
  3. Dr. Roth takes pride in the work he does and develops every treatment plan personally.

We are a full service dental office that offers the following services and much more: