Why choose Starting Point for your orthodontic care?

We are specialists

This means our doctor has 2 years of training beyond dental school that makes him an expert on how teeth move and the most effective way to treat crowded teeth, cross bite, open bite, missing teeth, and crooked teeth. This specialized training allows our team to understand and be prepared for any orthodontic treatment scenario that may need to be addressed.

We offer three types of treatment

Our office offers traditional braces, clear braces, and clear aligners to move and straighten teeth. Traditional and Clear braces are secured to the teeth and use arch wires to move the teeth into position. The Clear aligners that we offer are removable and are simply clear trays that fit over the teeth to move them a little at a time. Our Doctor will recommend the type of treatment that is right for you.

We make treatment affordable

The cost of orthodontic treatment is determined after the doctor has done a comprehensive evaluation in our office. Time of treatment, type of treatment, and the difficulty of treatment all factor into the cost.

We work hard to make orthodontic care affordable. We accept almost all insurances. We offer interest free payment options over a two to three year term. We offer military discounts and discounts to families with multiple people in braces.

We are also specialists in Pediatric Dentistry

As a busy family, this means that you can combine dental visits and orthodontic visits into one. This means less time out of work and out of school. It also means that our doctors have a unique perspective on how to treat kids and teens to help them achieve a healthy adult smile. Many teens face difficulty keeping their teeth clean while in braces, we can address this at each and every appointment resulting in a healthier smile at the end of treatment.