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Starting Point Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics is a premier braces provider in Kansas City. We offer two types of traditional braces: clear and metal.

We offer our consultations for orthodontic services at no charge. You will leave this initial 60-minute appointment with all your treatment and financial questions answered.

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What are braces?

The term “braces” refers to a complex system of brackets and archwires used by orthodontists to position teeth to optimize the bite while also working to improve long-term dental health.

Metal Braces

Metal braces are permanently attached and often in place for years at a time. Their results are impressive, and most people experience a significant boost in self-confidence after their removal.

The brackets in metal braces are small and allow kids to customize colored elastics around each bracket for a fun look. Patients don’t require colored elastics for the bracket system to work, but picking colors is one of our patient’s favorite parts of treatment.

Clear Braces

Clear braces are porcelain, so they blend with natural tooth color. Teens and adults often prefer them as a less visible treatment option.

The brackets are a little bigger than the metal brackets but are barely noticeable due to their clarity. They use the same bracket and wire system as the traditional metal braces, and while fun colors are an option, the bracket system does not require them to work.

The Process

First Consultation

At this appointment, you can expect to have pictures taken of the inside of the mouth (intraoral) and the facial profile (extraoral). We will also take digital x-ray images to see the jaw and tooth structures below the gum line.


From there, we will give a treatment recommendation and a clear explanation of any fees associated with that treatment. We will also verify and present what insurance benefit you can apply toward those services. You will leave this initial 60-minute appointment with all of your treatment and financial questions answered.

Benefits of Braces

Easier Care

Properly aligned teeth are easier to keep clean and fit together correctly. Teeth that fit together properly help to keep the jaw healthy too.

Adjusting Bite

Braces can fix a bite. Misaligned teeth can lead to an improper bite, affecting how you eat, how bacteria builds in the mouth, and even speech.

Enhancing Appearance

Crooked teeth or gaps can cause people to feel self-conscious. Braces can correct those dental issues and boost self-confidence!

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