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Getting Dental Crowns

Put a cap on it

When your child needs a tooth repaired, you want more than just a cosmetic fix—so they can love their smile without losing its strength. Fix a damaged tooth in both appearance and strength with dental crowns in Kansas City.


What is a Crown?

When a tooth is damaged beyond repair, either from trauma or decay, a dental crown may be used. A crown is basically a cap that fits over the tooth to bring it back to its natural shape and color. This process prevents your child from having a gap in their smile or a vulnerable spot that inhibits their biting or chewing.

How it Works

When your child needs dental crowns in Kansas City, Starting Point Dental has you covered. After a thorough examination, we will clean up any part of the tooth that is loose, broken, or decayed. We will then reshape the tooth so the crown will fill properly.

Crowns can be pre-formed in some cases; other times, they need to be custom-made. After a crown is selected or made, it is placed with dental cement to keep it in place.

After Your Appointment

After patients get dental crowns in Kansas City, it is important to brush, floss, and rinse effectively as part of their everyday routine to ensure the longevity of their teeth and gums.

Benefits of Starting Point


A dental cap can cover up a discolored or misshapen tooth, giving a more uniform and enjoyable appearance.

Restore Teeth

Restore the shape and power of a tooth, and help prevent damage to other teeth that must compensate for a weak bite.

Covering Implants

Hide dental implants and hold dental bridges in place with a properly fit crown.

Frequently Asked Questions

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