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Dental Exams and X-Rays

The American Association of Pediatric Dentists recommends that every child have their first dental appointment by their first birthday. This visit is essential to healthy oral hygiene habits that last a lifetime.

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Starting Point Features

Insurance Coverage

We will always verify your insurance benefits before your child’s dental appointment in Kansas City, so you will know if they are covered and any charges to expect at their appointment.


Our knowledgeable team has decades of experience providing pediatric dentistry and orthodontics to the Kansas City community.

Quality Service

From start to finish, one of our friendly and passionate staff members will guide your child through their dental appointment.

What to Expect

Checking In

Once you are here, you will be greeted by one of our knowledgeable and friendly team members who will get your child’s height and weight and take any x-rays that the doctor needs. The assistant will begin the visit by asking the caregiver and child if they have any questions or concerns.

During your appointment

The doctor will come in to do an exam to ensure all the teeth and gum tissue are healthy and well cared for and make any recommendations that they may have. The doctor and assistant will work together to clean your child’s teeth and gum tissue.

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Benefits of Starting Point

Book with confidence

Confidently book your child’s dental appointment in Kansas City when you know your coverage and payment options.

Explore more options

Our board-certified pediatric dentists and orthodontists can explore and offer more options to achieve your child’s goals.

Enjoy the experience

Our dentists specialize in giving kids the care and special consideration they need to have successful dental appointments in Kansas City.

Frequently Asked Questions

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