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If your child is having trouble nursing, eating, or speaking, they may have a lip or tongue tie. To relieve the symptoms and return or improve function, they may want to schedule a frenectomy in Kansas City.

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What is a frenectomy?

A frenectomy is an oral surgery, often performed on babies and small children, in which a pediatric dentist makes cuts or modifications to the frenum in the mouth to relieve tongue and lip tie symptoms.

How it Works

Our pediatric dentist will use a laser to perform a frenectomy in Kansas City, and the procedure takes only a few minutes.

After a frenectomy, the area will look white or light yellow for a few days as the tissue heals. Your child will slowly be able to re-train their tongue or lips, and our doctors will recommend some exercises to help maintain the frenum’s elasticity.

What to Expect


Infants generally cry because they have to be held still with their mouths open and wear protective goggles. Because this is a surgical procedure, parents will be asked to step out to the waiting room for this quick procedure.

Older Children

Older children may be given a local anesthetic for the procedure. Tylenol can be given to children over 6 months to help with any pain after the surgery. Because this is a surgical procedure, parents will be asked to step out to the waiting room for this quick procedure.

Frenectomy Aftercare Instructions

Your baby has had his/her tongue-tie and/or lip-tie release, so what now? It is important to understand that depending on the type, improvement with breastfeeding may not be immediate. It can take some time for your baby to learn how to use his/her tongue in an effective manner. We encourage you to return to your lactation consultant and continue appropriate therapies.

Benefits of Starting Point

Bottle Training

Help your child transition to bottles by giving them full use of lip and tongue function.

Encourage Eating

If your child is having trouble eating due to oral function, a frenectomy is Kansas City may improve this.

Speech Improvement

Boost your child’s ability to speak and annunciate by treating their tongue or lip tie.

Frequently Asked Questions

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