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Dental Fillings

Kicking out cavities

When your child has a cavity, you want to prevent it from spreading and get them back to enjoying the foods they love! Starting Point Dental helps patients give cavities the boot with fillings in Kansas City.


What are fillings?

When there’s a cavity in a tooth, it needs to be treated before it spreads. Once that decayed area is cleaned and removed, it leaves a pocket or hole in the tooth. A filling is an enamel-colored composite that is used to plug up the hole and protect the tooth.

What to Expect

Using a local anesthetic, your child’s dentist helps the tooth and surrounding tissue to go to sleep and then completely removes the decayed portion of the tooth. The pediatric dentist then fills in the newly cleaned tooth with a filling made of a tooth-colored composite resin.

How it Works

How are cavities formed?

When bacteria or acids start to dissolve a tooth’s outer protective layer, a cavity occurs. As the decay breaks through to the inner layers of the tooth, it can cause discoloration or pain, needing professional intervention.

How are cavities treated?

While treatment depends on how far the cavity has progressed, most often, we suggest getting dental fillings in Kansas City.

Benefits of Starting Point

Cavity Removal

Prevent the spread of tooth decay by removing a cavity and filling it in.

Pain Relief

Give relief from pain and discomfort by filling in damaged, sensitive teeth.

Restored Function

Restore your child’s teeth to normal function and get them back to a healthy smile.

Frequently Asked Questions

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