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Fluoride Treatments

Fighting Decay

When taking care of your child’s health, you want to be proactive so you can feel confident they’ll have fewer complications and more adventures. Tooth decay can cause discomfort, pain, and lower self-esteem, so fight back with fluoride treatments and protect their smile.


What is Fluoride?

Fluoride is a mineral in bones and teeth and can also be found in nature. It is used in dentistry to strengthen the enamel (tooth surface) and prevent cavities. Fluoride can be administered in various forms, including toothpaste, rinse, and a topical varnish used at a pediatric dental visit.

Why Apply Fluoride?

Fluoride helps repair the demineralization that occurs when the natural acids in the mouth eat away at the minerals in the teeth. Without strong enamel and proper protection, this leaves your child’s teeth vulnerable to bacteria and decay. Fluoride can remineralizer their teeth and keep their smile stronger for longer.

What to Expect

At the dentist

Getting fluoride treatment in Kansas City is easy. At the end of your child’s appointment, we can apply a dental varnish to the teeth in one of several fun flavors. The longer the fluoride is allowed to remain on the teeth throughout the day, the better the results will be.

At home

For kids over three years old who can rinse and spit out excess toothpaste, we recommend using the paste flavor they like best and brushing with a powered toothbrush. We recommend a morning and bedtime routine that includes mouth rinse, floss, and 2 minutes of brushing.

Benefits of Starting Point

Strengthen Enamel

Strengthen the surface of your child’s teeth, making them less susceptible to decay and damage.

Prevent Cavities

Block out bacteria and acids that can eat away at teeth and cause cavities.

Repair Decay

Repair and remineralize teeth, potentially reversing some early stages of decay.

Frequently Asked Questions

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