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Caring for your teeth

Cleaning and Sealing

Don’t let a cavity ruin your day! Maintaining a healthy smile requires proper care and consistent attention.

At Starting Point Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics, we help your child keep their teeth clean and healthy with regular cleanings and sealant treatments when needed.



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Visiting a pediatric dentist early will make your child more comfortable with dental cleanings as they grow older.


Teeth cleaning is an easy and typically enjoyable part of a dental visit, where excess plaque and build-up is removed.


Sealants are a thin protective coating “painted” on the chewing surfaces of a child’s teeth.

Quality Service

From start to finish, one of our friendly and passionate staff members will guide your child through their dental appointment.

The Process


We make your child’s dental cleaning a comfortable, easy process at Starting Point Dental. After a comprehensive exam to evaluate the health of all teeth and gum tissue, we polish the teeth with a fun flavor of kids paste, floss between all emerged teeth, and then paint on a clear, protective fluoride.


Most commonly, the teeth appropriate for a dental sealant are the large teeth called molars that are at the back of the mouth. These teeth have peaks and valleys to make them good at breaking up food, but they can also create hiding places for cavity-causing bacteria. A sealant helps prevent cavities by blocking bacteria from the teeth’s fissures.

Benefits of Starting Point

Faster Response

Regular checkups allow oral health issues to be caught and addressed earlier, which is why we recommend a bi-annual dental cleaning in Kansas City.

Preventative Care

Keeping build-up under control helps prevent gum and bone damage and reduces inflammation, protecting your smile for years to come.

Prevent Cavities

By applying a dental sealant to the molars, cavity-causing bacteria is prevented from easily accessing and developing on the teeth.

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