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Starting Point Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics

The Kids’ Dentist in Overland Park

When your kids need a dentist, you want a place with experience, so you can be confident your kids will have a great time!

At Starting Point, our mission is to be the best full-service kids’ dentist in Overland Park. Through our custom treatment plans, accessible resources, and knowledgeable staff, we make dental visits a positive one!


Our board-certified kids' dentists in Overland Park specialize in providing your children the care they need to have positive dental experiences.

Dental Cleanings and Exams

Teach your kids healthy oral hygiene with regular dental exams and cleanings.


Restore tooth function and appearance with dental crowns.


Remove damaged or discolored teeth and prevent the spread of decay with extractions.


Stop cavities in their tracks with quality composite fillings.


Reverse the early stages of tooth decay and protect your enamel with fluoride treatments.


Correct lip-ties and tongue-ties in children with a simple laser frenectomy procedure.

Dental Sealants

Keep harmful cavity-causing bacteria out of hard-to-clean places using dental sealants.

Emergency Dental Services

Be prepared for dental emergencies with a reliable dentist you can call when you need them.

Top-Notch Care

Dr. Ross and the rest of our top-notch team offer the quality of care that families need and want from their kids dentist in Overland Park. With three convenient locations and decades of experience, we’re proud to serve you and your family!

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