Braces in Kansas City, Leawood and Overland Park, KSThe term “Braces” refers to a system used by orthodontists to move and straighten teeth. Braces are a complex system of brackets and arch wires. Our office uses a state of the art bracket that allows the wire to slide in a small tube in the bracket which eliminates friction on the wire and allows the teeth to move quickly into their correct position. Properly aligned teeth are easier to keep clean and fit together properly. Teeth that fit together properly help to keep your jaw healthy too. Braces are used to position teeth to optimize a person’s bite, while also working to improve dental health.

We offer two types of traditional braces:

Metal Braces

They’re permanently attached and often in place for years at a time, their results are impressive and most people experience a major boost in self-confidence after their removal. These and other benefits make metal braces a smart choice for people of all ages.

These brackets in metal braces are small and allow kids to customize colored elastics around each bracket for a fun look. The colored elastics are not required for the bracket system to work, but picking colors is one of our patients favorite part of treatment.

Clear Braces

These brackets are made of porcelain so they blend with your tooth color. They are often preferred by our teens and adults as a less visible treatment option. The brackets themselves are a little bigger than the metal brackets but is barely noticeable due to being clear. They use the same bracket and wire system of the traditional metal braces and while fun colors are an option, they are not needed for this bracket system to work.

Be Sure to Talk About Each Option with a Qualified Professional

There are compelling reasons to choose metal braces, but just as many reasons to pursue a competing option when it comes time to correct a smile or ease strain on the jaw by repositioning it over time. Metal braces offer key benefits, including fewer costs over time and unique ways to prevent significant staining of the teeth. With a professional installation and careful checkups over time, these braces provide a really great way to boost long-term confidence and impress crowds with a perfect smile every time.

When the word “braces” is said virtually anywhere in public, most people instantly think of metal braces that are attached permanently to the teeth. Phrases like “metal mouth” might come to mind and, while not flattering, they certainly describe how these braces work while producing results. Metal braces are easily the oldest and most effective method to correct a wide variety of problems that can affect jaw alignment, teeth crowding, and several other conditions.

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