Fluoride in Kansas City, Leawood and Overland Park, KSFluoride is an important part of any pediatric oral hygiene program. In small amounts, the use of fluoride can help prevent tooth decay by strengthening the tooth surface. Fluoride can be found in various forms including toothpaste and rinse as well as a topical varnish that is used at their pediatric dental visit.

Fluoride at Home

For kids under 3 we recommend that parents help kids brush their teeth with non-fluoride toothpaste or just a very small smear of fluoridated toothpaste. The reason we caution you to use small amounts is because children younger than three years old are not very effective at holding the toothpaste in their mouth without swallowing it. In small amounts this is harmless, but since there are so many yummy flavors of kid’s toothpaste they may want to overdue the amount on their brush. Parents should let the child “play” at the sink with their toothbrush and then help them to get all of their tooth surfaces clean. We recommend brushing morning and night. After their evening brushing they should not have any more snacks or drinks other than water.

For kids over three years old that can rinse and spit out excess toothpaste, we recommend using the flavor of paste that they like the best and brushing with a powered toothbrush. Kids may have trouble getting all their tooth surfaces clean so parents should inspect their teeth and help out when spots are missed. We recommend a morning and bedtime routine that includes mouth rinse, floss, and 2 minutes of brushing.

Fluoride in Water

The American Dental Association and the state of Kansas believe strongly that fluoride in our public water supply is a key component to protecting our kids teeth. Read More: fluoridekansas.org