Sedation Dentistry in Kansas City, Leawood and Overland Park, KS

Why is sedation used in pediatric dentistry?

Pediatric Dentists have additional training on how to make kids comfortable and cooperative in the dental office. Most children are comfortable in their pediatric dental visits, but occasionally there are days that children have a more difficult time relaxing. In these cases, our Overland Park and our Kansas City office is able to help calm your child with the use of Nitrous Oxide / Oxygen (laughing gas).

What can I expect with the use of Nitrous?

When Nitrous Oxide is used it is always combined with Oxygen. It is delivered through an “elephant nose” that is a small mask that fits over the child’s nose. All the child has to do is breath normally and soon they will be relaxed and ready for their appointment. When the appointment has been completed the Nitrous is slowly turned down so they can gradually transition out of the sleepiness that they are feeling.

What are the long term effects of Nitrous?

There are no lasting effects from the use of Nitrous Oxide in a dental office. The benefits of Nitrous during dental visits are long lasting. Since the child is able to relax during their appointment they will be less fearful the next time they come in to see us.

If you have any questions or concerns about sedation used in pediatric dentistry please do not hesitate to call us.