#1 Family Orthodontist in Leawood: How LONG do I HAVE to Wear Braces?

Family Orthodontist in Leawood
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#1 Family Orthodontist in Leawood: How LONG do I HAVE to Wear Braces? —A family orthodontist in Leawood says that you just have one chance to make a first impression. So, what does it say about you when you smile? It’s acceptable to not have a flawless smile. Very few people have one from birth. Getting that ideal smile is possible with today’s orthodontic techniques, and it doesn’t take as long as you might think.
So how long does it take to straighten teeth with metal braces in Leawood? Depending on the teeth and the issue, the response varies.
Family Orthodontist in Leawood

Metal Braces in Leawood: What Are They?

The metal brackets that are affixed to your teeth and held together with wires are known as traditional braces. Metal braces are used at Starting Point Dentistry and Orthodontics to treat a variety of issues, including crowded or crooked teeth. Invisalign is another tool a family orthodontist in Leawood uses to effectively straighten teeth for the ideal smile.

Invisalign offers a discrete, secure, and efficient alternative to metal braces in Leawood for a variety of alignment problems without the need for metal brackets and wires. It functions somewhat differently from braces. Using clear aligners that fit and look like the ones athletes wear to protect their teeth, Invisalign in Leawood uses this technology.

People find these aligners much more appealing than braces because they are much smaller and can be taken out. Compared to traditional metal braces in Leawood, Invisalign can often be more effective.Family Orthodontist in Leawood

Not only can metal braces in Leawood benefit adults, but by the time your child is eight years old, we advise them to see an orthodontist. Treatments for braces and Invisalign can begin as early as age 11 or 12, but it’s critical to know what is going on with your child’s teeth before then.

Adults who have crooked teeth are frequently treated with braces. As we age, our mouth changes, wisdom teeth come and go, and other factors impact the shape of our smile.

Invisalign in Leawood is the clear alternative to braces. An increasing number of adults are using Invisalign to straighten their teeth as a result of its growing popularity.


Family Orthodontist in Leawood

How Much Time Do Braces Require?

Both Invisalign and traditional braces have shown to be very successful in treating any condition affecting your smile, regardless of age. Your options for teeth straightening take different amounts of time to complete, depending on your circumstances. At a family orthodontist in Leawood, we will assess your smile and suggest the best course of action for your situation.

Family Orthodontist in Leawood

Taking Care of Crowded Teeth

Not having enough room in your jaw for all of your teeth to erupt properly causes crowding of the teeth. Sadly, this causes teeth to erupt at strange angles, occasionally twisting and overlapping.

Your teeth will be straightened as the first step in the treatment. A crowded teeth orthodontist in Leawood will spread the teeth apart after your teeth are straight. Ultimately, this could take anywhere from six months to one and a half years, depending on how serious your illness is.

To make sure you have enough room, you may also require an interproximal reduction, which involves removing tooth enamel. Treatments for excessive crowding might need to wait for further procedures before starting Invisalign or braces.

Family Orthodontist in Leawood

Handling the Spaces Between Teeth

A family orthodontist in Leawood says that tooth gaps are common; one such gap is the Madonna Gap, which is the space created between the two front teeth. Another name for it is a diastema. Everybody has a different amount of gapping, whether it is in one spot or throughout the teeth.

Any large space between teeth would be considered a gap, and with multiple gaps, you could develop gum disease, crooked growth, and twisting. Adult braces work well to close gaps and straighten teeth, usually within six months to a year. Invisalign works faster than braces by using multiple trays to achieve the same results.

Teeth that are too small can be present in some people. After your braces come off, restorative bonding may be necessary to close any gaps left by your too-small teeth.

Family Orthodontist in Leawood

Taking Care of Overbites

A family orthodontist in Leawood says that while a small overbite is normal, overbites occur when the upper and lower teeth overlap excessively. Overbites can be easily treated with Invisalign or metal braces in Leawood. Elastic bands and brace-like attachments are used in the Invisalign procedure to realign your jaw.

Similar to braces, these elastic bands offer extra force to help move your teeth into the correct positions. After a thorough assessment, our orthodontists will decide on the course of treatment.

Family Orthodontist in Leawood

Handling Crossbites and Underbites

Underbites and crossbites are essentially the same conditions, also referred to as malocclusion. The top and bottom rows of teeth overlap incorrectly when the lower and upper jawbones shift out of alignment.

It could result in the teeth on the bottom or top protruding further to one side or the other, hence the term crossbite. The underbite—a condition where the lower front teeth jut out more than the upper teeth—may be the outcome. These conditions may require complicated and costly surgery if left untreated.

Invisalign in Leawood and braces have been shown to be successful in moving teeth into the right positions for a healthy bite. They are still the most intricate and challenging to fix, though. To get the correct diagnosis, a 3D image scan of your entire mouth, jaw, teeth, and roots is required.

After analyzing this scan, our family orthodontist in Leawood says he will suggest a course of action to restore your bite to normal. It can take a year or two, and in certain circumstances, oral surgery might be required to extract teeth or reposition them for the best outcome.

Family Orthodontist in Leawood

Handling Uncovered Bite

Although they are less frequent, open bites can still happen. In certain instances, genetics may be the cause. Thumb sucking and pacifier use are two more frequent causes. Thankfully, Invisalign in Leawood or braces are both simple treatment options for this condition, and results are frequently achieved in less than a year.

When treating open bites, Invisalign frequently works more effectively and quickly than braces. In rare circumstances, though, surgery might be necessary to get the best outcomes. Our orthodontists will determine if surgery is necessary.

Family Orthodontist in Leawood

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So, what is the duration of metal braces in Leawood? The length of time braces take shouldn’t concern you or your child if you or they have any of these issues. The question you ought to be asking yourself is, “Why haven’t I taken action yet?”

A family orthodontist in Leawood specializes in Invisalign and traditional braces. Including surgical orthodontics, we take care of all of your orthodontic needs.

Family Orthodontist in Leawood

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